Monday, June 11, 2007

People of EVP Township held disussion on 10-062007

Nearly 300 Customers of EVP Township met on Sunday (10-06-2007) in Tharappakam village to discuss the steps to be taken to prevent their land from Proposed Chennai airport expansion.

Most of the people had spent their life earnings in getting their property. All the leading Banks (SBI, HDFC, Canara, LIC Housing…) had approved the EVP Township project. Also CMDA had given NOC (dated 26-03-2006) in 2006 regarding airport expansion, saying that these lands are not affected, so people had purchased the land without any fear.

But now the Government decision to acquire the lands had shocked the people. Almost 150 houses are in completion stage and another 300 houses to be completed in another couple of months. A total of 1400 individual houses to be come up in that area. People had bought the house in the range of 25 Lacs to 45 lacs.

All of them had signed a memo dram asking the government not to take their land for the proposed Chennai airport expansion and that memo dram will be presented to the Kancipuram collector on 11-06-2007.

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