Sunday, July 15, 2007

“We need to expand aviation infrastructure”

What is the progress on Chennai airport’s modernisation after it was recently cleared by the Union Cabinet?

Yes, we have the Cabinet clearance for Chennai. [The] Airports Authority of India is drawing up plans quickly. We want to make it comparable to Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore or Hyderabad and we are getting a top international company to give us a master plan and design. It will be a global competition. We will get the best technical expertise. Chennai and Kolkata both will have really world class airports. We will give it as a turnkey project for construction. We will bring in a lot of new things, it will not be a typically AAI airport. We will ask AAI to compete with the private sector and show that they are coming up with an airport as good as may be Bangalore and Hyderabad. And Chennai has to compete with both Bangalore and Hyderabad because both these cities are getting new world class airports. This will have to be a first class facility.


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