Monday, April 21, 2008

Chennai's second international airport to come up earlier than planned at Sriperumbudur news

Persistent problems with land acquisition may force construction of a second international airport for Chennai at the outlying township of Sriperumbudur, much earlier than planned. The date for giving the capital of State of Tamil Nadu a new airport has now been advanced to 2015, about nine years earlier than originally planned.

The greenfield project will be taken up on 4,822 acres of land near Sriperumbudur, northwest of Chennai, at an estimated cost of Rs3,500 crore mainly because of unexpected resistance relating to land acquisition in the Rs2,350-crore modernisation and expansion project of the Kamaraj International Airport at Meenambakkam in the city of Chennai.

According to State government officials, the search for a private consortium to build the airport is likely to commence soon. It is expected that the private consortium will be offered a 74 per cent stake, while the State and central government retain 13 per cent each.

The State government has expressed its difficulty in acquiring the required 1,069 acres of land west of the Adyar river to build a parallel runway as part of phase-II of the Meenambakkam expansion plan. Officials feel they may not be able to acquire more than 300 acres of the land, as costs have become prohibitively high.

Costs apart, there also problems in freeing the area of habitation entirely.


Subramaniam said...

Dear Blogger,

I sincerely appreciate your efforts in updating us on the happenings with regard to the acquisition plan. Though not in the EVP township, as another affected person I very much share the agony and pain of helplessness in the ongoing process. Your regular updates on any news item in this regard has probably been my only source of information regarding what to expect next, particularly with govt's chosen attitude of not keeping the affected parties and the public informed on its acquisition plan or thinking.

I am puzzled, and a bit disturbed, though with some sudden news snippets that appear in your blog, and also disappear in a similar flash. I have noticed such flashes at least a few times so far, and today too. I am concerned as the news that you flashed were very disturbing, appear to be privately sourced information and hence probably more reliable. Can you please put in a clarification when you choose to remove any such news items in future.

Thanks and regards

Unknown said...

I fail to understand why Tamilnadu government does not think about other areas. Hosur has great potential. With the new Bangalore airport far away western TN will benifit greatly from developing a airport in Hosur. Same prospects with an airport in Vellore (Abdullapuram).
Also Salem airport built at 15 crores has never seen flights.
With so many underutilized airports in Tamilnadu spending money on this 'second airport' in Chennai seems to be a scam. Passengers in western and southern Tamilnadu go out-of-state to take flights.
Perhaps Tamilnadu policians could learn some lesson from Kerala's aviation infrastructure. This second airport in Chennai city will not contribute in reducing airfares to Tamilnadu which is steady losing a lot of its traffic to Kerala with airfare differences of Rs. 2000-3000.
Best option is to evenly develop Tamilnadu's airports.