Friday, June 6, 2008

Appeal to CM-EVP Township land owners

Dear All,

It is decided to send the following appeal to CM & Stalin with a copy to all Govt autorities concered also with a copy to News paper editors.
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Respected Sir,

We are the affected individuals from Tharapakkam village by land acquisition for the proposed Chennai airport expansion.

We humbly submit our request with you to exempt our houses at EVP Township Tharapakkam from the Chennai airport expansion proposal.

Kindly note, there are more than 120 houses under construction, the dream homes made from our hard earned lifesavings and loan from banks. The acquisition proposal has brought us countless agonies since July 2007.

We became owner of this land after Govt. agencies giving the clearance for the said piece of land for the house construction in 2005-06 and suddenly declaring this land for airport expansion is without proper planning from Airport Authority of India side. Also you may kindly note, our Township comes in the very end of the proposal (in the very corner of land plan).

There are many expert opinions on the dangerous safety aspects on building a runway on this land and also on the damaging environment impact due to obstruction to the Adayar River . The points raised by them are serious and dangerous to the aircrafts, Air travelers and the villages around the runway/airport. We list the main points once again as below.

Our EVP Township is in the western end of the proposed parallel runway with 120 houses in various stages of construction.
AAI have already indicated that 137 acres can be exempted on the tail end since it is too close to the by-pass road with a height more than 30 feet.
We note that AAI/Govt. exempted Akash Nagar & Bharthi Nagar which are in close proximity with proposed parallel runway than EVP town. As such EVP town must be excluded.
The town ship will certainly will help the local panchayat to get good tax revenue to better the living conditions in the panchayat.
The Tharapakkam panchayat union consisting 500 members passed a resolution on 26th January 2008 opposing the land acquisition with in their panchayat limit and passed on the declaration to all the concerned Govt Dept.
The public investment board have made strong objection on the decision to spend huge amounts for present Chennai airport expansion since they are not an economically viable project.
Greenfield airport proposed only can meet traffic, safety and growth requirements of Chennai for the next 50 years confirming to world class standards.
The airport expansion related Land acquisition, compensation & rehabilitation will cost the state Rs 4500 Cores just to meet the airport traffic requirement up to 2016. It was opinioned by many aviation experts that a cross-runway (secondary runway) expansion with a lower budget alone will take care the traffic requirement for this period.

The above-mentioned points make clear that the proposed parallel runway will no way can claim perfection on its design & construction. As we all know only Greenfield airport will be the solution for the increasing air traffic and will help the state to move on to better prosperity.

We wish and pray you to stop AAI proposal of taking away our land, which can be omitted, from the proposal since we, individuals have already started building our homes on proper approval of govt. agencies concerned.

We have made representations to the CM Cell & District Collector explaining our difficulties in the past.

Kindly note, the last 10 months have put us in nightmarish experience and we all pray you to kindly exempt our Township from the proposed expansion plan.

We once again humbly pray you to help us at this difficult moment at the earliest & we will be so much grateful to you in our lifetime for your support.

Yours faithfully

Chennai (Name )
06.06.2008 Resident of Tharapakkam

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