Tuesday, September 9, 2008

CMDA II Master Plan- Chennai in 2026

CMDA Second master plan released couple of weeks back, does not show Parallel runway.

The picture shows how chennai will be in 2026.

In that cross-runway expansion is shown.But not the parallel runway.


S Brighton said...

Hi can you give the url of the webpage of this pic and related information in the cmda website

amafathah said...

Respected brothers and sisters it is hard that to loose our land, and houses for any purposes but
also it is necssarry that we need 2 nd airport in chennai.

In newdelhi there is three airports in differnt places and in mumbai there is 2 big airports in different places .
also in london there are about more than 6 airports (1) london heathrow terminla 1 to 5 (2) Stanstead international (3)london gatwick international (4) city airport (5) (Luton airport (6) is in edenbridge so there more than 1 airport is in the most of citys but people shold not effected they should be given compansation . thankyou with regards ma fathah london

Unknown said...

CMDA Plan for this year itself Flap.....

Plan for 2026....It is good joke for this century..